Square Plastic Foldable Table (654)

Square Plastic Foldable Table (654)

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Type: Plastic Foldable Table
Code: 654

Product Description

TOYOGO Foldable Tables are versatile, durable, and space-saving solutions. With a practical foldable design, they're perfect for small spaces, picnics, and events. These tables offer stability, come in various shapes and colours, and cater to different needs, from dining to workspaces. They are a cost-effective and convenient choice, designed with functionality and durability in mind.

Round: Code: 655

Size: (D) 900mm (35.4") X (H) 780mm (30.7")

Square: Code: 654
Size: (L) 900mm (35.4") X (W) 900mm (35.4") X (H) 780mm (30.7")

Type: Plastic Foldable Table
Code: 654 / 655

- Foldable Design: Space saving when not in use, easy to store
- Durable Material: Quality materials for long-lasting use
- Easy To Clean Surfaces
- Sturdy Construction: Won't shake and wobble easily
- Strong handle bar when folded: Easy to move around
- Gloss Surface with anti-UV coating: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
- Rubber feets to prevent sliding away
- Serves various purposes: from indoor use such as dining or crafting, to outdoor use such as picnics and events
- Pairs well with TOYOGO Foldable Chair (Code: 470)

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